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Ph.D. Students

Elnaz Ghodsevali '14
Project Potentiostat Array to Measure Neuronal Chemical Activity

Master Students

Alireza Avakh '14
Project : Pulse Oximetry
Collaboration with Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory, Université Laval, Canada.

Adnane Kara '14
Project : Advanced MicroFabrication of In-Channel Microelectrodes for Microfluidic device 

My Sandra Ly '13
Project : In-vitro Detection of Impedance Variation for Neurotransmitter Fluctuation 
Collaboration with POLYSTIM Neurotechnologies, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada.

Undergraduate Students

Marwen Bessrour'15
Project: Design of 1-Channel potentiostat for Neurotransmitter Detection
Collaboration with BebCOM, Tunisia.

Hamza Landari'15
Project: Modeling and Design of Microfluidic System for Continuous Flow Control
Collaboration with National Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia.

Jessy Mathault '14'15
Project: Development of Cell Culture Platform for Neuron Manipulation

Previous Members

Undergraduate Students

Pauline Zamprogno '14
Project: Design of Discrete Potentiostat Array for Neurone Culture Platform 
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Pierre Albert '14
Project: Design of Biosensor for Algae Detection